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more photos-NCECA presentation

This is the power point presentation and lecture on china painting given by Marci Blattenberger and Paul Lewing at the NCECA clay conference in Seattle , WA on Thursday , March 29,2012

Also, this space will include other filmed china painting events .

more photos-NCECA presentation

Postby beverly stone » Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:34 pm

:wave: Posted here, are some additional photos from Paul & Marci's NCECA presentation in Seattle March 2012. I'm a bit late in posting but you know what they say?! There was so very much to see and I sure did have fun and was totally IMPRESSED with all the talented people showing their stuff!
Marci & Paul with the tech adjusting the screen.
After Paul's presentation, then Marci.......
So much to see in the "show room" many artists in action!
Yours truly trying my hand at some carving on the clay...... Serious task
This vase looked to be over 5 feet in height......! how would you like to transport this home for firing?
beverly stone
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