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Jackie Halhead - UK

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Jackie Halhead - UK

Postby Christine Bennetts » Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:03 pm

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The fantastic 2008 Centigrade show started off the season wonderfully and a busy hectic time for me, until at least Christmas, as my regular classes begin also in September. I continue to work teaching painting on china and porcelain in Adult Education and as the centre is a privately run one I am extra blessed these days because I don’t now have to complete loads of useless paperwork (which I used to have to do when in working for the government run schemes). Much better to be teaching and painting than form filling, we were being snowed under with it..............and to be truthful, most of it was destined for the bin anyway.

I am lucky that I still have 3 regular weekly classes that run throughout most of the year. The rest of my time is taken up planning ideas for these as well as producing projects for my work when I am away teaching courses or workshops with groups in an around the UK and Ireland. I always seem to be chasing my tail...........but show me a china painting teacher who doesn’t!

November 08 brought around the annual China Painting Course held at The Cober Hill Centre, Scarborough, where I am lucky enough to be one of the three tutors there teaching a 4 day course. It’s an annual event that is really great to be included in (with lots of laughs along the way, plus my fellow artist Annie Stapleton always manages to come up with some hilarious bit of fun...........but that’s another story!!!)

Throughout the year, I am also fortunate enough to be still teaching regularly with the Southport Ceramic group. I have been fortunate enough to have been asked back once again for 2010.............so it’s about ten years and still counting, anything to do with Christine’s group and I think the teaching goes both ways, I couldn’t wish for a better group to share knowledge with.

The end of the year and Christmas is looming, time off for good behaviour and a bit of ‘me’ time .......or should I say ‘us’ time, with my husband Dave. It’s off to York for our Anniversary which is very close to Christmas and you can’t beat York for atmosphere............not to mention all the good restaurants, especially the Italian ones..............I love Italian food (mind you I love all food!!!).

I am really lucky that my husband Dave also loves to cook................he can produce a mean Thai curry, not to mention his Piri Piri Chicken!!!, absolutely great when I have been away teaching. When I step back through the door, the wine is chilling, the meal ready to be served (mind you he could have had a quick trip to M & S, a favourite place). I’m easily pleased plus I know that I’m also spoilt and know a good thing when I see it, I wouldn’t trade him in for all the tea in china.

Spring Time 2009 and this sees me off up to Newcastle working with the group up there, love the accent and could listen to it for hours, plus I stay with a fantastic lady (she should be on the stage). I often think I should pay them to have me up there.

Next it’s off to Horncastle in Lincolnshire teaching Lustre Snowdrops, somewhere I have never been and a really lovely part of the country. An extremely enthusiastic fun group to work with and I think they painted more snowdrops on anything that resembled a piece of china than I have ever seen before.

The kilns never had time to cool down before they were filled once more. With a total of 11 students we fired more than 65 pieces...............truly a marathon snowdrop fest!!! I have been asked back next year to do ‘Fun with Enamels’ so I think I behaved myself!!

Summer now and my regular classes have finished for a few weeks so it’s off to Bala in Wales to teach there once more, joining Chris and Richard Ryder on their annual ‘summer school’. Students attend from all over the country including Ireland. Chris and Richard work very hard to create a super atmosphere and let’s face it, who couldn’t not enjoy several days painting plus a great stay in Bala too?

Summer also brings more ‘time off for good behaviour’ once again and our annual trip to France in an old farmhouse along with our youngest daughter and her husband.................love France, I do absolutely nothing for days, except read books and catch up on my watercolour painting..............what’s not to love about that, not to mention the good wines and excellent food we just happen to indulge in!

Nearly back to Autumn time now and demonstrating once more at yet another wonderful Centigrade Show...................absolutely fabulous, if you haven’t yet been to a Centigrade Show, then I would advise that you buy your ticket asap. Don’t know how Christine does it.................going from strength to strength and with the ‘Vogue’ theme for 2010...........well, I’m already planning for it.

Time to sign off for the time being and get ready for class......... so it’s bye for now, Jackie
Christine in Southport,UK
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Christine Bennetts
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Re: Jackie Halhead - UK

Postby marionellen » Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:45 am

Hi Jackie:

Nice to meet you. Love your work and understand you have studies for sale. Any chance of a list so we could order them. I have copied several from ppio but am always looking for new ideas.

Calgary, Albertya
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